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CareerDaffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI) is a professional training providing institute provides different training on IT & Business field to the unprivileged/unemployed students to narrow the gap between employee and employer. These Courses are being run by professionally and instructed by the qualified, certified and experienced professional trainers. Analyzing the demand of the industry DIPTI used to develop its curriculum so that after completing of any course through DIPTI students may easily get their expected job. Hundreds of students are working in different national and multinational organization in the country and abroad even in different organization in Daffodil Group. The students of DIPTI get the facility to submit their CV to the largest job portal in the country. DIPTI used to organize different Workshops, Seminars etc for the students to grow awareness of their career council like CV preparation, Interview facing, job selection procedure etc. Students of DIPTI get Internship facility to gain practical knowledge of their interested field. A strong team (Career Council) is dedicated to assist student to get their expected job. Student may join “DIPTI Alumni Association” a big old and current student network to get professional support.
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